As a leading manufacturer of plant systems for noodle production, Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is contributing to the creation of a food culture that maximizes use of the earth’s resources.

FUJI concentrates on the provision of food-associated equipment such as machinery used in the production instant noodles, as well as handling, packaging and other aspects dealing with snacks and confections. In the face of increasingly sophisticated customer demands, our corporate obligation is to respond humbly with flexibility and mobility to problems that develop at the point of production in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers. By taking full advantage of our technology capacity, and through our daily research and development activities, FUJI strives to provide more than simply equipment. We also offer food processing methods as well as ideas and technology concerned with energy saving practices that are also extremely important.
Recently, in light of a critical world wide food situation, due to the rapid increase in the population, elevating dietary standards, and the worsening of our natural environment, it has become extremely important for us to provide food more efficiently and to use our limited natural resources as efficiently as possible. With this dire situation in mind at all times, FUJI strives to achieve higher rates of yield as well as stability in terms of the quality of products and machinery operation through the development of equipment that consumes minimal amounts of energy. More than anything else, our main objective is to assure the satisfaction of all of our customers through our advanced development and production operations.


Founded August 8, 1946 as Sakurazawa Seisakusho
Established February 17, 1964 as Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Capital 30 milion yen
Number of employees 94
President Makoto Sakurazawa
Head office & factory 15 Shinozuka, Fujioka, Gunma 375-0017 JAPAN
TEL (+81)274−22−2147
FAX (+81)274−24−0074
Major operations Manufacture and sales of noodle processing plant
Manufacture and sales of food processing equipment and labor-saving machinery
Main products Instant noodle processing plant
Fresh noodle processing equipment
Dried noodle processing equipment
Quantitatively supplying, filling and sealing equipment for food products
Labor-saving machinery


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Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
15 Shinozuka, Fujioka, Gunma 375-0017 JAPAN